pypeit.spectrographs.jwst_nircam module

Module for JWST NIRCAM WFSS specific methods.

class pypeit.spectrographs.jwst_nircam.JWSTNIRCamSpectrograph[source]

Bases: Spectrograph

Child to handle JWST/NIRCAM WFSS specific code

camera = 'NIRCAM'

Name of the spectrograph camera or arm. This is used by specdb, so use that naming convention

classmethod default_pypeit_par()[source]

Return the default parameters to use for this instrument.


Parameters required by all of PypeIt methods.

Return type:


get_detector_par(det, hdu=None)[source]

Return metadata for the selected detector.


Many of the necessary detector parameters are read from the file header, meaning the hdu argument is effectively required for NIRCAM. The optional use of hdu is only viable for automatically generated documentation.

  • det (int) – 1-indexed detector number.

  • hdu (, optional) – The open fits file with the raw image of interest. If not provided, frame-dependent parameters are set to a default.


Object with the detector metadata.

Return type:


header_name = 'jwst_nircam'

Name of the spectrograph camera or arm from the Header. Usually the INSTRUME card.


Define how metadata are derived from the spectrograph files.

That is, this associates the PypeIt-specific metadata keywords with the instrument-specific header cards using meta.

name = 'jwst_nircam'

The name of the spectrograph. See Spectrographs for the currently supported spectrographs.

ndet = 2

Number of detectors for this instrument.

supported = False

Flag that PypeIt code base has been sufficiently tested with data from this spectrograph that it is officially supported by the development team.

telescope = Parameter     Value  Default  Type        Callable -------------------------------------------------- name          JWST   KECK     str         False    longitude     0.0    None     int, float  False    latitude      0.0    None     int, float  False    elevation     0.0    None     int, float  False    fratio        None   None     int, float  False    diameter      6.5    None     int, float  False    eff_aperture  None   None     int, float  False   

Instance of TelescopePar providing telescope-specific metadata.

url = ''

Reference url