This file summarizes several instrument specific items for the MMT/MMIRS spectrograph.

up-the-ramp fitting

The up-the-ramp fitting has not been implemented yet for MMIRS.

Multislit observations

The PypeIt developers only tested MMIRS longslit observations, but, in principle, PypeIt should also work for multi-slit data.

HK Grism and zJ filter

This is an unusual setup that people might not use frequently. This setup has both first and second order light. Wavelengths greater than 9000 angstrom are in second order at the wavelength shown. Wavelengths shown below 9000 are in first order at double the wavelength shown. The major advantage of this setup is that it provides the bluest wavelength coverage by the second order spectrum and therefore are important for some science cases. Currently, PypeIt only reduces the second order spectrum of this setup.