Gemini Flamingos-2


This file summarizes several instrument specific items for the Gemini/Flamingos-2 spectrograph.

Wavelength calibration

We recommend using sky OH line for the wavelength calibration. So you can ignore the default Gemini Arc calibrations when reducing your data with PypeIt.

Object finding

It has been reported that the default snr_thresh of 10 for Flamingos2 could detect some junk objects because the detector is not quite clean. If you want to get rid of these junk objects, and assuming your science object itself is bright, try:

        snr_thresh = 20

You can use pypeit_show_2dspec to visualize what was extracted from the science exposures.

HK Grism and HK filter fluxing

There are second order contaminations when you use HK filter and HK Grism. Therefore, the flux at wavelength longer than 2.4 micron is not reliable.