How to manually update the PypeIt conda-forge feedstock (what to do if the bots are broken)

  1. Fork conda-forge/pypeit-feedstock.

  2. Install required tools

    conda install -c conda-forge conda-smithy
  3. Manually update the version variable in recipe/meta.yaml

  4. Update the source.sha256 field in recipe/meta.yaml with the sha256 hash available on pypi

        sha256: new_hash_here
  5. Reset the build.number field to 0 in recipe/meta.yaml

        number: 0
  6. Commit your changes

  7. Rerender the feedstock

    conda smithy rerender -c auto
  8. Update the dependencies in recipe/meta.yaml if PypeIt’s dependencies have changed.

  9. Open a PR with these changes.

  10. Merge the PR after all tests pass.