pypeit.images.imagebitmask module

Module for image mask related items

class pypeit.images.imagebitmask.ImageBitMask[source]

Bases: BitMask

Define a bitmask used to set the reasons why each pixel in a science image was masked.

version = '1.1.0'

Bitmask key version.

class pypeit.images.imagebitmask.ImageBitMaskArray(shape, asuint=False)[source]

Bases: BitMaskArray

bitmask = <pypeit.images.imagebitmask.ImageBitMask object>

BitMask object used to interpret the bit array. Must be defined by the subclass. When defining subclasses, note that the bitmask flags must be case-insensitive strings.

version = '1.1.0'

DataContainer version. Must be defined by the subclass.