Source code for pypeit

pypeit package initialization.

The current main purpose of this is to provide package-level globals
that can be imported by submodules.

# Imports for signal and log handling
import os
import sys
import signal
import warnings

from .version import version

[docs]def short_warning(message, category, filename, lineno, file=None, line=None): """ Return the format for a short warning message. """ return ' %s: %s (%s:%s)\n' % (category.__name__, message, os.path.split(filename)[1], lineno)
warnings.formatwarning = short_warning # Set version __version__ = version # Report current coverage __coverage__ = 0.55 # Import and instantiate the logger from pypeit import pypmsgs msgs = pypmsgs.Messages() # Import the close_qa method so that it can be called when a hard stop # is requested by the user from import close_qa # Send all signals to messages to be dealt with (i.e. someone hits ctrl+c)
[docs]def signal_handler(signalnum, handler): """ Handle signals sent by the keyboard during code execution """ if signalnum == 2:'Ctrl+C was pressed. Ending processes...') close_qa(msgs.pypeit_file, msgs.qa_path) msgs.close() sys.exit()
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal_handler) # Ignore all warnings given by python # TODO: I'd rather we not do this. Is there a way we can redirect # warnings to pypeit.msgs ? #warnings.resetwarnings() #warnings.simplefilter('ignore')